In order to make things run smoothly in the camp, we are going to need help with various things!

So, we are asking for Volunteers to help out where they feel they can!

Remember, that many hands make the job light, and if every part of the body comes together and is responsible for one thing, that makes everyone’s job so much easier! We ask that you pray and consider helping with your whole heart (Ecc. 9:10)!

We believe in you, and thank you in advance for your blessing of service to the group!

Below are a list of Categories that you can Volunteer for. Please review the list and consider helping out with one (or more) of the things that you are good at!

Facilitator Public Announcer: We are looking for one or more men who would give announcements ( we would give you the announcements), keeping things going in between sessions if need be, and maybe be able to tell a few stories, pray and encourage the crowd upon opening the morning Torah Portion! (Covered! :))

Call to Meeting Shofar Blower: Someone who can help Keep Time for the Morning Session to start, and can blow the Shofar well at the time appointed? (covered :))

Sound Dude: Someone who can help be responsible for running all sound equipment for the entire duration of Sukkot. This is a big job, but not too big! 🙂 We’ll have one leader so you will know what to do… Whoever takes this on will be a very big blessing to us. Please know that though our family CAN do pretty much everything, we simply cannot do everything. So your efforts to help in small jurisdictions really helps take a little pressure off our backs so we can be more free to minister, relax and enjoy the time as well! 🙂 (covered :))

Praise & Worship Music: Harris Family Will lead Music Worship in the mornings, but are there any talented and gifted musicians that would like to help or play along with us on several of the days? We can schedule practice with those interested.  Text or email Jessica if you are interested for details.

Dance Leaders: We are looking for a guy dance leader to lead the men and lady dance leader to lead the women in dances during morning worship! There can be other times of dancing and maybe some dance classes for basic Hebraic step review if interested!

Camera People: People who are willing to video or take pictures of different activities for our group! We would like to video the messages in their entirety, so if anyone has extra equipment to help with this and/or desire to invest your time in running the camera, please let us know. The Harris Family also has a camera for this use.

Families to help in the setup and cleanup of the Group meals. One or more families can be on duty for this and even take turns if need be. This will include the setting of food on the table, setting out of plates, napkins and plastic wear and the cleanup (trash, food put away, dishes washed, tables washed etc.) afterwards. There will be a sign up sheet in the kitchen area so we will all know when our turn is. This area is a BIG area of need to make Sukkot less stressful for everyone. If everyone not only takes charge of their particular day of service, but also finds the need and fills it whenever possible, then one person isn’t left to do it all where others have dropped the ball. The kitchen HAS to be cleaned after every meal…it will get done! So please, Brothers and Sisters, help out in this area, on your appointed time, be willing to lend an extra hand when possible, and let us all serve as our Saviour and soon coming King would have us serve. The goal is that all the service opportunities are volunteered for and all are done so that no one will have to “pick up the slack” where someone else didn’t! Thank you in advance for investing your time and service into this most-needed area! 🙂

Help with Children’s Activities and Crafts: We need a few activities for smaller children (ages 10-). We have a leader who has some crafts organized, but it would help to have a couple extra hands to help supervise!

Help to Refill and Run Drink Station: The Drink station includes Hot Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Iced Tea, Water and Sometimes Juice. We will try to have as many of the supplies as we can, and we have already had people offer to bring extra to help. Whoever helps to volunteer for this will just need to make sure the water and iced tea stays filled throughout the day and help to keep it clean and tidy. In the mornings, make sure there is Hot Water and Coffee brewed…

Other Things that are Needed You Can Help Contribute:
– Extra tables and chairs.
Coffee/Tea maker and canister for Group Drink Station (coverd! :))
– Extra Extension cords (covered :))
– Stage – our desire to to be able to create/build a stage to put in the pavilion for Praise and Worship + Teachings. If anyone is willing or has any ideas for this, that would be great! 

Extra Water Cooler dispenser (covered :))
Extra Guitar Amp? (covered :))
Extra Paper Plates  (covered :))
– Extra Plastic Spoons and Forks  (covered :))
– Extra Cold Drink Cups  (covered :))
– Extra Hot Drink Cups  (covered :))
– Very Large White Dry Erase Board
– Bulletin Board  (covered :))

-Carport Tent for the outdoor kitchen (covered :))
-Extra batteries (Double A, 9-volt )

If you would like to volunteer for any of these positions, please
Call or Text Jessica for orchestration at 202-320-6893!

We generously thank you for your willingness to help and serve the body of
believers in this way during our joyful time at Sukkot!!!