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2020 Feast Location… OHIO!

Hey Brethren & Friends! 

We have an important update for you regarding this year’s feast site location. Amidst the crazy stuff happening this year, most of you know our goal was to still provide a place for people like you to keep Sukkot peacefully, safe and away from the world… and that has NOT changed.  However… after much prayer we believe that YHWH is leading us to keep the Feast in Ohio!   

Therefore, this is your official notice that we are no longer hosting the feast in Texas.   You are absolutely still invited to join us, and would love to have you join our family, but most importantly, you must go where Yah is leading you, and we understand you may also have issues with travel, work restrictions, etc. which may affect your situation.

It’s a strange year nonetheless, but let’s come together, whether in spirit or in person, to have a joyful feast and show the Almighty that we will allow nothing to get in the way of His commanded assembly! Let’s be optimistic, do what we can to support one another through all this and use this time to powerfully worship our Father and King like never before!

We and He needs it now more than ever! 🙂  And wherever you may be keeping the feast this year, Our whole family sends you love and blessings from the Father and pray that He blesses you through His feast season.