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Sukkot Guidelines

LIVING THE KINGDOM… During The Feast! (and General Feast Guidelines)

The Feast of Tabernacles pictures the time when our King will finally receive His dominion! He set aside time every year for us to look forward to that time and actually practice living His Kingdom while we are waiting for it to be established in its fullness! What an awesome idea! We want all of our activities, conversations and time together to be focused on living the Kingdom now. Therefore, our King should be in the center of everything we do! All of our enjoyment, excitement, learning, singing, laughing and playing should include Him as if He were right here in the midst of us because… He is! When two or more are gathered in His name, He is there also! (Matthew 18:20) With this in mind, we propose the following information:

With a goal of having a Kingdom atmosphere in the camp, a safe and peaceful environment for all participating in Sukkot, we ask that you please abide by these guidelines as we seek sweet fellowship, love and unity in the congregation! Thank you for your most sincere cooperation!

General Campground Rules

• Quiet Hours are from 10:00pm to 6:00am

• Pets Welcome!

• Fires are allowed to be made at your own camp sites as long as they are in the designated fire rings and being watched at all times. There will also be a general group campfire in the fire ring which will be kept going the whole time.

• Alcoholic Beverages of any kind are not permitted on Campus.

Our Guidelines for Sukkot

We want all of you to REJOICE! Build your Sukkah or prepare your temporary dwelling, enjoy yourself, engage in meaningful discussion, relax, have fun and have a deeply spiritual experience at the Feast of Tabernacles!!!!

As the scripture teaches, and as outlined below, we as His people must hold high standards for character, mindset, modesty and holiness in everything we seek to do in our lives, and at the feast!. And we look forward to us all making this the best feast ever by abiding in Him, and in His Way!.


When Man was made… The Creator said: “It is not good that man be alone”. So, he gave him a wife, and made him a family. He also commanded them to be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth! And these children should stay with them until the day they leave to be joined to their spouses, and create new families! The Father and Son is a family, Israel (Jacob and 12 sons) is a family, they came out of Egypt in families, we are children of Elohim, and fathers must turn their hearts to their children and children to their fathers. In Deuteronomy 31, during the 7th year rest, families are required to hear the reading of the Book of the Law together!  And these are just a few of the Scriptures on this subject! Family is extremely important to YHWH! We want to strengthen individual families and a great way to do that is to worship the Creator together. Here are some ways to worship our Father and King and rejoice before them as families:

We Encourage!

• Sitting together at all assemblies where you can Worship together, hear the Word together, sing together, pray together and learn together.

• Eating meals together, especially at breakfast time to start the day out right.

• Praying together! It has been said that the families who pray together, stay together!

• Fellowshipping together family with family. In the world, gatherings of unsupervised young and/or unmarried people has caused many troubles. In the kingdom, it will not be so! So, let’s enjoy being with our families, groups of families or at least one family member, whenever possible! Let’s make it a family feast, with our Father, and His Son, as we prepare to be a part of His Family as His Bride!

Modesty Note:

We are excited to see that our Father loves beauty. Just look at the environment he created for us to live in! He painted the birds in different patterns, the flowers in brilliant colors and styles that delight our eyes and lift our spirits. He gave us wonderful aromas to tickle our noses such as fragrant flowers and the fresh scent of cleanness that fills the air after a rain. He wants us to be beautiful, too. Take a look at the garments the priests were to wear in service to Him. Look at how he clothed Solomon is beautiful array! The Bride is clean and white. He is so wonderful and we love Him so much that we want to be beautiful for Him all the time, but especially during this time that pictures living with Him in His Kingdom. So we would like to encourage everyone who comes to Sukkot to dress for our King! We encourage you to be beautiful, set-apart for Him by wearing the best that you have, to show honor to our King!

We are to be holy as He is Holy (Lev 19). That holiness reaches up to the heavens! Our desire is to keep going up that path with all of our hearts to reach His holiness! It is an exciting adventure, isn’t it? The guidelines below are minimum standards on that path of holiness, just a starting place. How high can you go?

It is our goal to encourage families and individuals to be a blessing to each other. In light of this, we would like to request that Sukkot attendees show honor to one another in regard to how they dress. Below are a few important guidelines.

Women of all ages

Our Creator enjoys women being different than men (not less important, just different). He made them with different roles to play (2 Cor. 11, Genesis 2), different ways to dress (Deut. 22:5), and different ways to serve (Prov. 31). We like to Celebrate the differences, to enjoy them, and to play our roles with great joy and energy! And we also want to honor the father by covering our bodies with respect for ourselves, and those around us.

Therefore, we request that women of all ages wear skirts preferably but, loose fitting feminine pants (or capris) with shirts/tunics that are long enough to reach your hands when arms are extended at your sides, are acceptable for all activities. Please Refrain from wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts of any kind.

Dress for Worship Service Assembly should be modest (covering) skirts or dresses with a skirt that falls below the knee when seated. Nothing should be too tight or see through. Remember that we are going before our KING to worship HIM, therefore we encourage you to dress in such a way that is pleasing to HIM and we ask that you do your best, to wear your best!

Men of all ages

Men and boys are required to wear shirts with sleeves. Shirts should be an adequate length to cover the waistband of pants. Pants should reach the knee. Long pants and shirts with collars should be worn to all Tabernacle meetings in the same light that we are dressing to go before our KING.

In private, dress is up to your own family’s discretion. Note: private is considered inside your tent, camper, RV, room or vehicle. Taking a trip to the bathhouse is considered a public area and the above guidelines should be followed.

Swim Attire

Adequate swim attire for men and women is loose fitting shorts that reach the knee with a dark colored t-shirt. Men MUST keep their shirts on.

NOTE: We realize that families may differ in their definition of modesty so, our goal is not to be legalistic in its application, but to rather focus first on Honoring our Creator to the Highest levels and making it easy for everyone to attend in unity. Our desire is to keep Sukkot as pure and non-confrontational as possible for all in attendance. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Also, with these things in mind, please consider that some activities, at some events may view you at compromising angles as you participate in the activity. So let’s all strive hard to uphold the moral standards that have been put forth by YHWH our Maker and the Guidelines laid out for this event, with joy, diligence and dwelling together in unity!.