Sukkot 2021 UPDATE!

Hey Friends and Family of The Most High!! I’m so excited to announce to you that The Feast Of Tabernacles will be hosted in the beautiful city of Tampa Bay, Florida. It’s a bit of change for our our group but we are super happy to keep it wherever YHWH places His name. The beach will be near by amongst many other amazing attractions like stargazing over the ocean etc. that will be listed in an email after you register. 

If you and your family are keeping sukkot on the dates listed on this website (October 21st-October 30th), you are absolutely welcome to join us, and we would love to have you join our family. We love meeting new people who are also excited about the faith and ready to rejoice before YHWH. As there are many options to where you can keep the feast, it’s most important that you go where Yah is leading you. 

As we count all our blessings, this year has been such a beautiful year despite some craziness going on. So let’s all come together, whether in spirit or in person, to have a joyful feast and show the Almighty how much we are committed to His commanded assembly! Let’s come in unity and have lots of fun with smiling faces ready to serve and minister before our Creator. Let’s do what we can to support one another to powerfully come as one big family to worship our Father and King like never before! Who’s ready for Sukkot? 

Our hearts are so pumped and ready to give Him our all and we know you are too! Wherever you may be keeping the feast this year, our whole family sends you love and blessings from the Father and pray that He blesses you through His feast season.