Sukkot 2014 Recap!

Shalom y’all!

Sukkot at Garner State Park 2014 was an amazing heart changing experience. What a wonderful time of worship and activities to build our faith and draw us closer to YHWH our Maker and to each other as families.

The daily messages were an encouragement to all to stand up and be strong families, preparing for the Kingdom! Many small groups gathered around to have Torah and scripture studies together and to discuss subjects from the word!

Youth, men and women had the opportunity to gather together in break-out sessions after the message to discuss real issues that pertain to them in like-minded fellowship!

Men’s Morning Prayer time started the day with a strong accountability to fathers as the spiritual leaders of  their families and elders of the group!

In the evenings, we were blessed to have many brothers and sisters share messages, teachings, and testimonies in order to uplift the brethren in Truth and also to help equip them with more knowledge for living healthy and spiritual lives!

Activities that were based on families and individuals working together, brought the hearts of the people together like One Big Family. Hikes and Peaks brought you up to high places that Young and old were able to experience the beauty of YHWH’s creation. Daily activities included a treasure hunt, blind fold challenge, obstacle course, volley ball, basket ball, ultimate frisbee and much more! After the hot sweaty activities during the day, there was the cool Frio River to take a splash in. It felt so good and refreshing as well as created much fun for the youth, due to the giant tree rope that swung out over the water! We also had a great contest of jumpers jumping from a 30 ft. tree into the water. That was a hit.

People were encouraged to practice hospitality and invite other familes to join meals with them so that everyone got to know each other! While at  designated times, there was group meals that brought everyone together to feast! The variety of tasty and enticing dishes on the group dinner tables were enormous. Everything tasted so good you had to trust your choice!

At night the all gathered around campfires to enjoy a time of fellowship and rejoicing! Marshmallows, smores’s, glow stick parties along with music and dancing filled the camp in an atmosphere of true rejoicing. There was no room to be sad. Praise Yah for blessing us with that set-apart time of yearly worship! Thank you all for coming to experience the joy and fill yourself with the love of Messiah. His Feasts are a true BLESSING!!!

I want to send a big shout-out and say Thank you to all those who contributed their help, money and equipment to make Sukkot run smoothly.
Thank you to the generous family who sponsored the famous “Bar Mitzvah” which supplied drinks and meals such as lemonade, burgers and ribbon fries the whole duration of Sukkot! We appreciate all the volunteers that helped in the kitchen as well!

Thank you to Everyone who contributed to make Sukkot at Garner State Park happen, as we were able to help may people come and join us who might have not been able otherwise!!!!

Thank you to the Worship teams and all those that got up real early to bring praises to YHWH in the Tabernacle. May we come again together next Year in the spirit of Holiness to rejoice before YHWH at the Feast Of Tabernacles as Families UNITED for Our Messiah.

Next Year In Jerusalem!
The Sukkot Family! =]

See Pictures from Last Year HERE!