Sixth New Moon Sighted in Israel! Preparation Month begins!

Shalom folks!

The New Moon for the sixth biblical Hebrew month (also known as Elul) was sighted over Israel on Friday, September 2nd 2016!

Much like there is a preparation day for the Holy weekly Sabbath day, I like to count the sixth month as a preparation month for the Feast of tabernacles to come which pictures that Millennial rest that YHWH will usher in!

We are all looking forward to this joyful celebration and I certainly cannot wait to meet up with many of you who will be joining me, plus meet more new people!

The Almighty has truly blessed us in many ways each year since we have been on this journey of Hosting Feast day gatherings! I am looking forward to the ways He will show His hand in our lives and walks this year before we all gather!

Let us all be prepared mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually to meet before our Maker, to worship the King, and to fellowship together in Unity in Truth!