Looking Back on Sukkot 2015…What a wonderful FEAST we had!!!

Shalom Brothers and Sisters in Messiah!

WOW! What an amazing and inspiring Feast of Tabernacles we had! Our Sukkot gathering in Big Sandy, Texas was one of the best yet! All of us absolutely enjoyed ourselves VERY much! The Atmosphere was one of true love, unity and fellowship in Truth Complete with the Reading of the ENTIRE TORAH, Great Messages, praise and worship, enjoyable activities and lively Midrash discussions! :)

Yah was so amazing in the way He worked out the whole set up! He literally guided us and orchestrated the entire thing. Everything from the place, to the coordination, to the help and volunteers, to the “back up” tent of meeting that turned out to be absolutely splendid to the people that came!

We were so blessed to meet so many new people who are all just so sweet, loving and encouraging. WE see in all our Sukkot Family a willingness to learn, grow, and live for YAH being ready for HIS kingdom!  Baruch HaShem, bless HIS name!

I would like to thank the People at ALERT academy for letting us host The Sukkot Celebration there. I would like to thank all the people who helped organize the gathering before we even got there!  Such a blessing! A BIG shout out to the people who helped us get there when we had tire trouble and then later truck trouble!!! Y’all are life savers!! :)

Thank you to the generous Gentleman who so willingly let us borrow many things to make everything run more smoothly, and for supplying the materials and tools for the Tent of meeting!

Thank you to All the hands that so selflessly helped to set up everything at Sukkot!  Without you guys, I do not know where we would be!  Y’all were such a blessing to our family!  We want to thank all the people who helped with the cooking for such a large group!!!  It was all amazing food!!! A True feast INDEED!

And last but not least, I would like to thank all the loving people who attended and helped to read aloud from the Torah, and to everyone who helped to make things more enjoyable with your presence! Reading through the Torah together was in my opinion the best part of the whole Sukkot!!!!!

WE really enjoyed meeting each and everyone of you, and we look forward to seeing y’all again soon! :) WE are family forever! :)

Although pictures will never be able to express the Joyful worship we experienced while at Sukkot…You can view a few that we have uploaded HERE! Enjoy! =]

Until we meet again, May you have many blessings and good times in His name.
Brother Mark Harris and Family! 🙂