Feast site at the beautiful Skyview Ranch in Millersburg, Ohio.

Skyview Ranch
7241 Township Road 319 Millersburg, OH  44654

Because we wait until the sighting of the moon before we start counting to the 15th day…
The dates for Sukkot 2020 are not determined yet. The possible dates are either:  

October 2nd through October 9th
OR… October 3rd through October 10th
Opening Night Will Be: October 1st or 2nd

(We will update you after the moon is sighted after The Feast Of Trumpets.)

We are excited about keeping the Feast Of Tabernacles in Ohio. It’s been awhile since our feast site has been up here in Ohio, but The Father has His plans and there’s no stopping Him. AMEN?

We get the whole Ranch to ourselves which is going to be so nice! The Ranch is beautiful and sufficient as it is set up for family camping and fun activities! There are large areas near the general area with an open sky to star gaze and large trees to shade us from the sun.

We are looking forward to this year as we have lots of fun activities, Team challenges,  praise and worship, dancing, fellowship, studying the word together, inspiring messages, campfires, food and lots more things for everyone to participate in!

Discover many exciting things to do and find not only a feast, but also an unforgettable experience of relaxation, enjoyment, inspiration and togetherness as we rejoice before YHWH our Maker! We will discuss the meaning of Sukkot, why we celebrate it, preparing the people for YHWH and being ready, for the Kingdom is at HAND, all held in the Tabernacle of Meeting. Come enjoy a spirit-filled Sukkot celebration with us in UNITY with our Messiah!

Come One! Come ALL!

Whether you and your family members are well-seasoned campers or prefer the comforts of the cabin housing, there’s a spot just for you! We welcome you, not only as our special guests, but also, and more precisely, as family.

If you are single, a part of a family, young or old, there will be something for you to do! We welcome all people with open arms to join us in Celebration as one big happy Family in Messiah! 🙂

If you would like to attend and join us, then Please Register with us for campground reservation details and info!


* Please NOTE: all reservation Instructions and Feast Celebration details will be emailed to you after REGISTRATION.

Ranch Map:

See Guest Housing Accommodations and Feast Group Pricing HERE

Important Information and Things To Prepare For!

  • If you’re staying in a cabin, be sure to bring your own bedding.
  • We have limited fridge space, so be sure to bring coolers and ice.
  • Ohio weather can change at anytime so be prepared for cold or hot, rainy or windy, calm or clear sky…or just overcast. Its going to be absolutely beautiful in the fall with all the leaves turning colors.
  • Bring lots of food for feasting and rejoicing for you and your family.
  • The streams are refreshing to wade in!!! Bring water shoes if you so desire to walk the streams!!! Bring swim attire. There is a small pond and the ranch provides paddle boats or you can bring your own.
  • There are plenty of places at the Ranch for the children to ride around on bikes. So, please bring your own bikes, if you so desire.
  • Bring your own HAMMOCKS for Hammock city.
  • ATV and Dirt Bikes are allowed on the roads outside the Ranch! Bring your bikes if you desire!!
  • You can bring volleyballs and basketballs as well as any other ball games you’d like to set up!
  • Bring your backpacks and hiking attire.
  • There will be time for spontaneous activities, you can bring whatever games, board games, balls or activity equipment that you desire to enjoy! But please know that the Ranch holds a varity of games so you can leave yours at home to save on space. Your call.
  • If you have other ideas for recreational activities, feel free to bring them and help lead to make some FUN!
  • Other details will be emailed to you after Registration as plans become finalized.

For other Questions, you can email: rejoice@thefeastoftabernacles.com or call 216-659-7543 or 574-227-1878 And ask to speak with Faith.

Activities & Attractions!

More info about the exact activities that will be taking place at Sukkot will be emailed to you once you register. Again, more details will come out when we send the schedule of events for the week!