Itinerary for Feast of Tabernacles Celebration 2019

Where?: We will be gathering at The Lone Oak Ranch & Retreat in Gainesville, Texas. More Information Given upon Registration.

When?: Arrival Date is Sunday, October 16th 2015.  You are welcome to come as early as Friday, the 14th and Keep Shabbat with us as well! Also, depending on if you go by the conjunction, your first day may be a day or two earlier than ours, so you are welcome to come and be here for that. We will Support All the angles. However, we follow the sighting of the moon from Israel, therefore all planned activities will be starting on the dates how we observe them. Thank you for your understanding!

Date of departure is Tuesday, October 25th, 2015.

How?: We will all be camping in individual camp sites, or in hotel rooms.
For more Information visit

What?: There are Primitive Tent spots and RV water/electric camping sites available.. There are also Hotel rooms for your pleasure!

How Much?:  Campsites are $20 for tent sites and $25 for RV full hook ups. Hotel Rooms are $49 per night. For More Information Visit
There is also an added activity fee that covers other additional costs of $35 per person 3 and under are free. This is a flat 1-time rate with a max of $150 per family… If you are unable or are short to pay this extra fee, please let us know we have others willing to help in this regard! Also, if you have any questions, please call or text Jessica!

With Who?: You will be joining The Harris Family, some of their congregation and other family in Messiah from around the country!

Why?: To Celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles and Rejoice before YHVH in sweet fellowship!

Daily Torah Readings, Midrash, Praise and Worship, Teachings and Activities scheduled!

Haleluyah! Cannot Wait!

Individual Responsibilities

Sukkot Attendees are responsible for their own food for the entire duration of Sukkot. Since there is a group kitchen, we’ll all be cooking together in the same area so we can have lots of sweet fellowship! We can decide to eat breakfast and lunch as a pot blessing style, or on your own. For dinner, there will be Group Pot Blessings Meals each night. Please bring a kosher covered dish to share and whatever else you feel like adding. You can also bring your own eating equipment to help save on trash and such. If you have needs, please, please let us know! Yah provides! We have seen food meant for 20 people expand to feed 40 – to our delight! Blessed be His Name!!!

All Sukkot Attendees are responsible for their own lodging. If you are already registerd and have not filled out the housing reservation form, then please fill it out and submit to us by email and mail. If you have not received a form, then email us at: 

If you are not yet registered, then please register for Payment Info and Schedule.

All Campers are responsible for their own camping equipment and hatever you need to have a great time and an easy camping experience! Primitive Campers will need to bring their own coolers and cook wear. RVers will have Water and Electric Hookups. If you are tenting but would still like water and electric, you will still need to bring your own cooking gear and coolers for the duration of Sukkot. Hotel rooms do not have any kitchen so you will still need to bring your own food, cook wear and coolers. Hotel rooms do provide linens and have each have a full bathroom. For the Bunkhouse Cabins, please bring your own food, cook wear and coolers for the whole duration of Sukkot. Linens are not provided so please bring your own. Bunkhouse Cabins have Full Bathhouse Access. There is a grocery store in town about a 15 minute drive from the ranch. There is a Walmart about 25 minutes from the ranch.

Please bring your own camping chairs for use in the campground. The Camp Tabernacle Tent of Meeting will have tables for group meals, Daily Torah Readings, and Worship as well as come-and-go gatherings at your leisure.

Please bring your own water bottles/mugs to help eliminate trash and cut down on the expense of plastic cups. Be sure to label them to help keep track of them.

Everyone is responsible to pick up after themselves. Please try to leave all the restrooms and facilities cleaner than when you got there! We want to be a blessing to the owners of the ranch, and try to eliminate as much work as possible on a daily basis. They have another group coming in behind us just after Sukkot is over. Let your lights shine for YHWH’s glory!

Bring your bibles, a notebook and pens/pencils for each member of your family to write down all the wonderful gems the Father will give you while you are Feasting on His Word!

Some Items that are still Needed for Tent of Meeting:

  • Extra Lights (Lanterns, Hanging Strip Lights, Area Spot lights or work Lights)
  • Extra Extension Power cords (please label if you are bringing some to share, so we do not get mixed up. Thank you!)
  • Water cooler dispenser – we may need a couple extra of these for the drink station if you have an extra one you are willing to lend!

If you have any questions, feel free to call Jessica at 202 320 6893

We look forward to gathering together to rejoice before our Maker!

More Information given Upon Registration! Please register so you are in the circle of emails and updates and additional information. We will send you a tentative schedule (subject to change), upon registration as well as a housing reservation form.  Please be sure to register sooner as apposed to later for planning purposes.

Note regarding physical provision: We want to welcome all of our Brothers and Sisters in Messiah to celebrate and rejoice together before our King. The following are guidelines that we encourage all to follow to the best of their ability! If you happen to have less than what is needed to come to Sukkot, but are feeling led to come, please come anyway!!! Obedience to our Creator is First! We trust HIM to provide where we lack. We walk by faith (believing that His promises are true) and not by sight (what our physical surroundings/provisions LOOK like). If you happen to have more than what we speak of here, please bring it along as you feel led to share with the Family!

If you have any questions, concerns or special needs then email us at:
or call or text Jessica: 202 320 6893

Thank you for your cooperation, it is greatly appreciated!