Spiritual food is in the center of everything we do! Not only do we enjoy lots of feasting on physical food, but we stress an importance on feeding ourselves with the word, which can and will strengthen us as individuals, and also as families!

  • There will be praising and worshipping our Creator!
  • Rejoicing before Him!
  • Daily messages from brother Mark Harris on topics such as Tabernacles, Kingdom Greatness, Turning our Hearts, The Kingdom is at Hand, Being Ready for His Return and much, much more!
  • Meaningful activities for us to enjoy together!
  • In the evenings, we will have groups of people in torah study and midrash discussions! You are welcome to suggest a study topic as well, just let us know.
  • PLUS, so much more!

We want all our guests to become like family if not by the first day we are together, then definitely by the end of the feast and we want you to be able to be comfortable, relax and enjoy yourself, and do your part to help out!

Physical food is an enjoyable thing that draws people together, and helps us to rejoice! Who does not enjoy some good ole cooking!

Meals: Please bring Enough food for you and your family. Everyone is responsible for their own.

Breakfast: We encourage breakfast as a family in the morning. This is time of strengthening for families to re-group, pray together and start the day out right!

Lunch: We encourage you to either practice hospitality and invite others to eat with your family on a more intimate level or bring your food and enjoy fellowship with us! You are always welcome!

Dinner: Group Meal Pot Blessings Style. Everyone brings a kosher dish to share. We will have tables where we put out the food and we will all enjoy the evening meal together as one big family!

Drink station: We will have a drink station supplied with water, iced tea, hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate and whatever other drinks people bring to contribute. Please note that on Sabbaths and High Days, we will not make any drinks. Only pre-made drinks will be available (we can make some on preparation days if we have extra containers). Thank you for your understanding in this matter!

Outdoor Group kitchen

We have found from past experience with hosting Sukkot, that everyone ends up being in one central place, and has a hard time breaking away. It seems easier to have one central place available  for everyone to come and cook, that way it allows for more time for fellowship!

That is why we decided to make an Outdoor Kitchen area that will have plenty of table space for preparing, a household size grill for anyone to use (there is limited space on this, so we will have to coordinate and take turns), electrical places to plug in crock pots, skillets etc. and a sink area…You may decide to bring easier prep foods such as sandwiches and such, or you may want to cook on a cooking surface either electrical or gas. Either way, we are going to try and have space in the kitchen. We encourage you to bring crock pots, as that will be the easiest and quickest form of cooking meals. Anyone is welcome to help with food prep in the group kitchen area, and anyone is welcome to come and use it as they need to.

Please bring your own cooking wear (crock pots, cook stoves etc. cutting board, knife and anything you might need to cook with.) anything that you think might add to this space for your family and for anyone else who may have “forgotten theirs at home! 🙂

Right next to the Outdoor Kitchen, we would like to set up an eating area. If you have tables and chairs to add to this space, could you bring them along please?

We are allowed to set up any kind of personal cooking area or sukkah structure as well, as long as we take it completely down before we leave the grounds.

Remember, we want to leave the grounds better than when we left them.

Washing station: We are going to try to have a few dishwashing stations…It will be mostly primitive with tubs for water fed by a hose. We might be able to heat water as well. If anyone has an extra sanitary hose they can bring, that would be most helpful.

Extra things to Bring for the group Kitchen, Drink Station and Cleaning Station (please label everything you bring)

  • Extra plastic table cloths
  • Power Strips
  • Extension cords
  • rope for hanging up dish towels
  • white vinegar spray bottles
  • hose
  • extra cutting boards and knives
  • To help with group meals: Paper plates, plasticware, hot cups, cold cups
  • Your own water bottle for water and mug for tea/coffee so we can save on trash…There will be hot cups available just in case!

           Note: Once again, please label anything that you want returned with your name. 🙂

If you are Tenting

Tent spots are strictly primitive sites. However, we do have access to water and electricity and can possibly extend with extension cords to your site if need be. Otherwise, we will have the group kitchen, group fire, group grilling area and group dishwashing station. Again, you are welcome to set up whatever structures you need for camping at your pleasure at the Feast of Tabernacles as long as they are dismantled before your departure!

If you are in an RV

There is water and electric hookup for all RV hook ups. Unfortunately, there is no dump station on site. There is a dump station at the state park 10 minutes down the road.

If you are in a Hotel Room

Hotel rooms provide fully furnished bedroom that sleeps 4 with a full bathroom.

If you are in a Cabin/Bunkhouse

The bunkhouse areas are heated and air-conditioned, and are all very well-lit. Each cabin is furnished with bunk beds, ceiling fans, multiple electrical outlets and covered porches. Comfortable guest sleeping capacities range  from 10 to 20 per cabin.  Please bring your own linens, blankets and pillows for your comfort.


There is full bathhouse with showers accessible to all guests.

Recreational Things To Prepare for:

  • There is a lake that anyone is welcome to fish in (catch and release only). For those of you who enjoy fishing, please bring your fishing gear!
  • You are welcome to bring small boats/canoes/kayaks to play on the water. Please bring your own life jackets. Use at your own risk. LONE OAK IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for injury or death.
  • Bikes are always fun!
  • Balls…Volley balls, basket balls bounce balls or balls with a game of your choice! We are all about good ole spontaneous fun! There is a basket ball court as well as a volleyball court, so we will have plenty of time for games!
  • There is going to be planned activities for all ages, but there will also be time for spontaneous games. Be ready and bring your favorite ideas to the table and we will all join in on the fun!
  • There are hiking trails all around this large property.

Other things to bring if you can!

  • I know this does not need to be said, but just as a reminder, be sure to bring notebook, pen/pencils and bibles because there is sooo much valuable to write it down!
  • Bring your own extension cords if you are camping and if you can bring a few extra in case anyone needs one.
  • Bring extra lighting, lamps, spotlights, constructions lights etc
  • Water cooler dispenser – we may need a couple extra of these for the drink station if you have an extra one you are willing to lend!
  • Leafy Branches for Rejoicing! (Leviticus 23:40) – Please bring any branches you may have access to for rejoicing! There are several variations mentioned in scripture! Bring as you feel led!

If everyone brings one table cloth, a pack of paper plates, cups, spoons and forks, we will have plenty to go around! Again, please do NOT feel obligated to bring everything. Come and enjoy Sukkot if you don’t have much! We welcome you to just COME, enjoy yourself and join the family! Yah will always provide!


Gathering wood from anywhere on the property is allowed as long as we do not destroy any standing trees. In other words, if it’s fallen on the ground it’s free game. However, it might need the help of a few axes and chainsaws, but that should not be too much of a problem. The Owners at Lone Oak have let us know there should be plenty of wood to cover the duration of our stay while there!

We will have someone heading up the project of gathering wood for the group fires and group Sukkah’s. Fathers and young men, we encourage you to be ready to pitch in with this if you can!

We are going to try and keep the group fire going the whole time.

Clean Up Crew

We all have to pitch in with cleanup, food prep and hospitality! This is a part of being one big family! It will be easier to have everyone help pitch in and take turns, rather than having one person do EVERYTHING. And we all know how it feels to have to do EVERYTHING. But when we all pitch in and lend a hand, many hands make the job light! We’ll have a volunteer sheet to help coordinate when it is your turn! Don’t be shy to find the need and fill it! And so be a blessing to the Family and glorify your Father in heaven! (Matthew 5)


We will have large trash cans. Please make sure all trash is thrown in the cans, and also any and all help with picking up trash if you see it around would be most helpful! We will need an extra hand to help empty these cans whenever possible!

We have had numerous very generous volunteers  volunteering for various things, but there are still a few openings, if anyone is willing. Please go on over and look at the Volunteer page for more Info: http://thefeastoftabernacles.com/volunteer/

All the final details will be given right before Sukkot starts!

An important one is…

The Sound system + AV – We know this is a toughy, but if anyone has access to one, or has any ideas for how we could get one that would also be most appreciated. Several years back our system we had been using broke on us, and we have not had the funds to get a new one since. Last year, we put together some different equipment from the things we had, plus several others that pitched in to let us borrow various pieces. This year, most of that stuff is no longer available. So we are praying for an alternative. When we do get the system, we will need help to run it, if possible, as it is a pretty big job! We ask that you all consider praying that this need will be taken care of! We trust it will as Yah always makes a way! HalleluYah!

If you are interested in helping with this, please contact Jessica…

Community Sukkah

We will all be working together to make a Sukkah on the first day as the command says.

We encourage Young men work with your fathers, in gathering together to help and build a Sukkah structure. This Sukkah will serve as the symbol of a Sukkah or temporary dwelling under the big Tabernacle of Meeting and will go over top of the podium where the Word of our Creator  will be read to the congregation and the messages will be shared! Please plan on pitching in and helping with this community Sukkah project!


In addition, there are other guidelines for everyone, and for special circumstances for pets and other things, so please make sure you refer to, and read the guidelines page on our website  for Sukkot guidelines just so you are aware of those things!



We like to do all our shopping ahead of time, so please plan to prepare as much as possible ahead of time so you do not have to spend too much time venturing away from camp. But in case you did not prepare in this way, there are several grocery stores nearby for your convenience.

Note regarding physical provision: We want to welcome all of our Brothers and Sisters in Messiah to celebrate and rejoice together before our King. Remember, these are guidelines that we encourage all to follow to the best of their ability! If you happen to have less than what is needed to come to Sukkot, but are feeling led to come, please come anyway!!! Obedience to our Creator is First! We trust HIM to provide where we lack. We walk by faith (believing that His promises are true) and not by sight (what our physical surroundings/provisions LOOK like). If you happen to have more than what we speak of here, please bring it along as you feel led to share with the Family!

If you have any questions about anything else we forgot to mention, please text or email Jessica and she will try to get back to you as soon as possible with the information!

You can text Jessica at: 202 320 6893

Or, You can email rejoice@thefeastoftabernacles.com

We look forward to spending this precious time together with you! Happy preparing! 🙂