TAKE NOTE:  Please register with us first, before making your reservations with the campground. We have special deals and will send you an instructions email shortly after you register on what to do. 🙂

Tampa Bay Conference Center offers a large variety of beautiful housing options for you and your family! There is daily housekeeping for your motel, but we understand if you would like privacy, just let us know.

All housing campground reservation details will be emailed to you after your family is registered to attend with us.
If you are not registered yet, please register here

Cabins and Housing:

Please Call Faith Harris at (440) 214-2480 for more details and information about the best housing for you and your family during your stay.

Please note: All Cabins are bunkhouse-style and have bunk beds with comfortable Memory Foam mattresses but not much else.  Please bring your own bedding, sheets, pillows, and whatever else you like to sleep with. 

  • RANCH HOUSE – UPSTAIRS $50 per night

Sleeps 24. The ranch house upstairs is perfect for a family who wants their quiet space and split into three bedrooms. The Ranch House upstairs is a cozy living space with a full bathroom that includes bathtub and shower at the end of the hall. 

Please note: Downstairs in the Ranch house is the community kitchen for all campers. We will have quiet hours for the kitchen but we all get to work together. 

  • SILVER SPURS $50 per night

    Sleeps 16. Silver Spurs is the first of four Frontier cabins, with immediate access to a small parking lot. It includes a front porch, back deck, and attached bathroom. 

  • BUFFALO GALS $50 per night

    Sleeps 16. Buffalo Gals is on the side closest to the quad deck. Like it’s twin, it has the same features of a front porch, back deck, and attached bathroom.

  • TRAILBLAZERS $50 per night

    Sleeps 16. On each side of the frontier cabins are steps that lead to the lower frontier cabins.  Located underneath Silver Spurs, these cabins feature a back porch and an attached, shared bathroom. 

  • TUMBLEWEED $50 per night

    Sleeps 16. Located underneath Buffalo Gals, Tumbleweed hosts the same features as Trailblazers, with a back porch and an attached, shared bathroom.

  • JOLLY RANCHER $50 per night

Sleeps 12. A stand alone cabin located near the lodge, Jolly Rancher is a smaller cabin with a concrete pad surrounding it, located just a few steps away from the lower lodge restrooms and just down the staircase from the lodge road.  


Sleeps 18. This cabin is located near our men’s shower house, and features a front porch facing towards the backyard of the Ranch House and the view beyond. Out back has a small set of steps that leads to the neighboring cabin, Wranglers. 

  • WRANGLERS $50 per night

Sleeps 18. Located near our Pavilion, this cabin has a front porch facing the rolling hills of our property and over looks the entrance driveway. The back steps lead to the neighboring cabin, Buckaroos.

Primitive Tent Camping/RV:

There are plenty of places available to set up your campsite.

We also have some but limited water and electric available. If you have special/specific needs, call us for details.

  • Tenting: $25 per night per tent.
  • RV: $25 per night (We have limited RV space available so please consider a cabin or tenting)
  • Women’s and Men’s full bath house access.

Group Kitchen/Grills

Group Kitchen is available for ALL campers to use located on the first floor of the Ranch House.

Grills are available with plenty of firewood. Just let us know and we can set one up for you at your cabin or tent.


Activities for Scheduled times only:

  • Dual Zip line
  • Goliath Team Building
  • Horseback Riding
  • Vertigo
  • The Blob
  • Swimming in pond
  • Rope zip into pond
  • Low ropes Course

Activities free to use anytime during your stay:

  • Volleyball
  • 4-way Volleyball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Nine Square
  • Underground Tube slide
  • Playground
  • Lodge Games
  • Gaga Ball

All activities are paid for by Sukkot host and activity fee.

NOTE: These housing prices do not include other additional costs that may apply.