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What’s Your Story?

Shalom Sukkot Family!
It’s Nearly December now and we’re approaching our third month since we all were last together.
It was a great pleasure to have each and everyone of you with us this Year at Sukkot in Gainesville, Texas. I’m sure you would all agree that by the time we left, it was like we were all one big, close knit family, all dwelling together in unity. What a Joy and blessing it was!
It seems we all share some of the same feelings about our experiences. Two words that keep coming up was that Sukkot was full of both healing and growth. We all learned so much from the testimonies of the families and individuals there, each one having something to add. Everyone was so open and willing to share, it was like one big melting pot of true believers, each individual learning from another and encouraging one another. There was so much good and blessing that came out of our time, it was beautiful! Hearts healed, families strengthened, children drawn to their parents and parents to their children, relationships restored and over all, was life changing!!! And when lives are changing, people are being prepared for YHWH (Luke 1:17b)! How exciting!
We thought it would be encouraging to hear the testimonies of other Sukkot family members of how Yah is working in your lives as a result of this year’s Sukkot. So we’re asking you, if you are willing, to record in print or in a short video, your thoughts and experiences at Sukkot this past year, telling of all that YHWH has done for you. You can post them on The Feast of Tabernacles facebook page so everyone can be encouraged.
Coming out of our time, we all are welcomed home, revived and ready to put into practice everything we’ve learned and gained from our experiences at Sukkot! At first, it’s so easy because everything is fresh on our mind, we’re all just so excited we want to share all the things we’ve learned and what Yah put on our hearts. But as you know, if we don’t watch, sometimes as time goes on, it gets harder and the devil wants us to forget about the changes we want to make or habits we have committed to break and/or create. The cares of this life want to take over. Lets make a stand and not let this be the case in our lives!!
Its nice to find ways to hold each other accountable, as brother Harris was encouraging us to all have an accountability partner. To keep in touch and share with your brothers and sisters in Messiah the wonderful things you’re learning and to hear the testimonies of things others have learned and things they’ve put into practice since Sukkot and how lives have changed.
We all have our stories, we all have our testimonies and it’s our belief we can all be encouraged and receive much joy upon hearing from each other.
Follow us on our facebook page and post your testimony.
Also, all the facebook posts will be posted to our Feast of tabernacles blog so if you do not have a facebook page, you can read at:
To share, please email to and we will share!
It does not have to be anything extraordinary, just be you and share what the Father puts on your heart.
Also, feel free to post your photos or videos from Sukkot, I’m sure we would all love to see them!
Looking forward to hearing from you!
May you all be encouraged to continue to grow ever closer to Him!
Brother Mark Harris and Family