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Sukkot 2016 Clip: Come Before יהוה With Thanksgiving, Music & Song

“Come, let us sing for joy to יהוה; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song. For יהוה is the great Elohim, the great King above all Elohim. In His hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him. The sea is His, for He made it, and His hands formed the dry land. Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before יהוה our Maker; for He is our Elohim and we are the people of His pasture, the flock under his care.” -Psalms 95: 1-7

The Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot 2016 Recap!

Sukkot 2016 Was SO blessed!

We spent the whole time camping on a Texas Ranch in northern Texas near Gainesville, Texas.

This feast celebration was truly joyous in every way!!! Spent many good times with good friends as well as met some amazing new people who all love YHWH and want to please HIM! The Kindred spirit in these people made me so happy and to see the brothers and sisters truly enjoying themselves and dwelling together in UNITY…It was a true blessing!

The families that came together, became like one big happy family! We saw so much healing and family restoration take place it makes me want to dance! Yah is so good and we love to see how He is working in other’s lives!!! HalleluYah!

Our time of studying, praise and fellowship was truly one to remember as it always is at the Feast of Tabernacles, and this year was just another testimony of the blessings that come with obeying the Father’s commands! We are so thankful for another year of the Almighty’s goodness playing out in celebration of the feast of tabernacles!


Our Heavenly Father for His Providence in providing for all our needs!
His Spirit – His Protection – His Love – His Forgiveness – His Joy in us!
The Stahl Family for providing Support, extra lighting, power cords, white boards, microphones and more!
Mr. Jonathan Stahl for helping us keep time and give important announcements!
Bro. Mark Harris For all the inspiring & encouraging messages/teachings throughout the week. Truly spirit led.
For Everyone who joined in and poured their hearts out in Praise, Worship, Rejoicing and Dance.
Mr. Ron & Sam Little along with all their helpers for gathering Leafy branches for our times of Rejoicing which also served as decorations later!
Sister Mary for leading the Thank you Heavenly Father sessions each morning. A true hit!
Desmond Taber for bringing fun toys for the children aka stilts, which the boys seem to just be addicted to…and for bringing his large grill and smoker for all to use as well as provide the group with some ever so delicious smoked cheeses, ribs and brisket!
The McGuire Family for sharing their Bible Museum on Wheels and also generously hosting a delicious meal for the whole group!
The Machin Family for providing/donating tents, lighting, delicious chocolate treats and other miscellaneous things during the week!
Help with the drink station… Michael McGuire, Jeremy Burt, Jada, Analisa Raum, & Olivia & Emily Harris. (I’m sure there were lots more who were a big help all along.)
All the help from Children of all ages in the Kitchen as well as Adults.  We all had so much fun!!! (Many hands make the Job Light!)
The Raum Family for their Generosity in letting us borrow their amazing Dome Tent!
Kimberly Wolf for designing Coloring pages for the children and also bringing supplies for some of the children’s crafts.
Jeremy Burt for his help in setting everything up, joining the worship team and over all help with logistics and coordination throughout the week.
Elliot for Leading Men’s Worship Dance!
The Youth who spontaneously gathered for prayer meetings, praise circles & Bible Studies. 
Jeremy & Desmond for leading the Young Men & Fathers in Spiritual Strengthening Activities.
All my little siblings for Making one of the most beautiful Sukkot signs ever!
Jessica Harris for leading children’s story hour, children’s activities and crafts.
Wendy Nimmo for printing all the coloring pages for us!
The Young Woman and Men who “shared” (or at least tried to share. =P Those babies are hard to give up sometimes.) turns holding the babies during the morning teachings & throughout the week to give the Mothers & Fathers a Break. =]
Those Men who blessed the little children & Babies. Pouring life into our camp.
To all the Little children who brought Such a great Joy to the group and kept reminding us to become more child-like. =]
Rogan Nelms for being a GREAT example of serving whole-heartedly (getting the white board for Bro. Harris for the Here-a-little There-a-little puzzle! :))
Desmond for fixing the railings on the porch!
Mr. Stahl for leading Blind faith game.
All the men who joined the Masterminds each morning and prayed for their families and the camp.
Thanks to all those who served as life guards for the pool and lake.
Mr. McDaniels for laughing at our jokes ? and enthusiastically participating in EVERYTHING!  And Trent (the dog) for being a great lifeguard! ?
Jason McDaniels for being a GREAT DAD and helping with the supervision of all the little ones!

All those who found-the-need-and-filled-it without anyone knowing!

Thank you to everyone who joined us, and for your company, great stories, insights and friendships! Thank you for having such willing-to-learn hearts and desiring to Grow closer to our Creator! Thanks for having the tough conversations that led to restoration through our Savior! Thank you for being great families!  Without you, our Sukkot would not have been the same!

If I forgot to mention anyone, and you did something to help, we appreciate you just as much it is just escaping my mind right now!

Please know, we LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH… Feeling blessed to have so many new real friends who are like family!  ?

See Pictures of Sukkot 2016 Here

Next year in Jerusalem!
Brother Mark Harris and Family

Looking Back on Sukkot 2015…What a wonderful FEAST we had!!!

Shalom Brothers and Sisters in Messiah!

WOW! What an amazing and inspiring Feast of Tabernacles we had! Our Sukkot gathering in Big Sandy, Texas was one of the best yet! All of us absolutely enjoyed ourselves VERY much! The Atmosphere was one of true love, unity and fellowship in Truth Complete with the Reading of the ENTIRE TORAH, Great Messages, praise and worship, enjoyable activities and lively Midrash discussions! :)

Yah was so amazing in the way He worked out the whole set up! He literally guided us and orchestrated the entire thing. Everything from the place, to the coordination, to the help and volunteers, to the “back up” tent of meeting that turned out to be absolutely splendid to the people that came!

We were so blessed to meet so many new people who are all just so sweet, loving and encouraging. WE see in all our Sukkot Family a willingness to learn, grow, and live for YAH being ready for HIS kingdom!  Baruch HaShem, bless HIS name!

I would like to thank the People at ALERT academy for letting us host The Sukkot Celebration there. I would like to thank all the people who helped organize the gathering before we even got there!  Such a blessing! A BIG shout out to the people who helped us get there when we had tire trouble and then later truck trouble!!! Y’all are life savers!! :)

Thank you to the generous Gentleman who so willingly let us borrow many things to make everything run more smoothly, and for supplying the materials and tools for the Tent of meeting!

Thank you to All the hands that so selflessly helped to set up everything at Sukkot!  Without you guys, I do not know where we would be!  Y’all were such a blessing to our family!  We want to thank all the people who helped with the cooking for such a large group!!!  It was all amazing food!!! A True feast INDEED!

And last but not least, I would like to thank all the loving people who attended and helped to read aloud from the Torah, and to everyone who helped to make things more enjoyable with your presence! Reading through the Torah together was in my opinion the best part of the whole Sukkot!!!!!

WE really enjoyed meeting each and everyone of you, and we look forward to seeing y’all again soon! :) WE are family forever! :)

Although pictures will never be able to express the Joyful worship we experienced while at Sukkot…You can view a few that we have uploaded HERE! Enjoy! =]

Until we meet again, May you have many blessings and good times in His name.
Brother Mark Harris and Family! 🙂


Rejoicing at The Feast Of Tabernacles!!!

Check out this video I did with may family encouraging everyone to truly prepare to rejoice before YHWH at the Feast of Tabernacles! My family and I are so excited, and we are all thankful for these commanded times to celebrate our Maker! It’s going to be a wonderful time!!!!