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Highlights of Sukkot 2018

This past year was a smaller close-knit group! It was like a really big happy family!!! The weather was colder then normal due to the location, but we all had a blast!!! ūüôā

Memories and Highlights!

  • Inspiring Messages
  • Beautiful hearts
  • Heart felt Worship and Dance
  • Sweet people
  • Awesome Friends
  • Lots of Delicious Food
  • Amazing Cooks
  • Coffee
  • Thank You Heavenly Father sessions
  • People with the fruits of the spirit
  • Hiking in the beautiful mountains
  • Lots of fun game¬†Tournaments
  • Song to song to song‚Ķ.:D
  • Beautiful voices and lovely dancers
  • Inspiring and uplifting stories
  • Tears and laughter
  • Branches and rejoicing
  • WhoHooos + YeeYEE‚Äôs
  • HalaluYAH‚ÄôS
  • Warm cuddly mornings around the warm heaters with tea, coffee and hot chocolate
  • Blankets and cuddles around the couches
  • Great¬†discussions
  • Reese‚Äôs¬†Peanut butter cups¬†?¬†
  • Chocolate Kisses¬†?
  • Jumpy dancing and loud music
  • Selfies and lots of photos¬†
  • Waterfalls, mountains and rushing waters
  • Fall colors and beautiful trees
  • Campfires and s‚Äômores
  • Blind Faith Fun
  • Brasstown Bald
  • Wonderful Children‚Äôs Crafts and activities
  • Movie nights around the heaters on the couches with blankets
  • This list can go on and on! Praise Yah!¬†

The Feast Of Tabernacles 2018

Hey y’all!

Today we are happy to be able to announce to you all our family’s plans for the upcoming Feast of Tabernacles.¬†.¬†We are sorry it has taken so long to get this out to all of you! Our family has been involved with a lot of new things and large projects, but we are happy as we watch the Almighty’s will and plan for us unfold!!!

I know there are a lot of us on different pages regarding timings this year for several reasons but despite that, we can all still be unified in this one thing… After all, these are Almighty’s feast days, not ours!¬† We can all rest in peace knowing that each of us are striving to please Him the best way we can.¬† So, instead of crying over the fact that some of us may be on different calendars etc. lets rejoice together and “Double-The-Pleasure” if you will, as we enter into this exciting time of year! Amen?

After much prayer and direction from the Father, we feel that He is leading us to Host The Feast of Tabernacles 2018 Celebration at Our new home in the beautiful mountains of Hiawassee, Georgia, instead of TEXAS this year.

For the past several years, that Yah has placed His name for our group somewhere in Texas! However for this year, after much prayer and thought, our family will be Celebrating and Hosting Sukkot 2018 In the beautiful mountains of Hiawassee, Georgia at the Enota Mountain Retreat.

Here are a few pictures of the Grounds!

This place is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen and has blessed our family so much and we can’t wait for it to bless yours soon! ūüėČ

Our family would like each of you to know that¬†We¬†invite all of you to come… bring your family and friends and be apart of our Feast celebration!! Where brethren from all over the world are called to come and dwell together in unity as one body, the body of our Messiah and to rejoice before him!

We have the whole Campground reserved for the Feast of Tabernacles Celebration!
Sukkot Dates:  October 25th, 2018 РNovember 1st, 2018

(* Sukkot dates may vary a day depending on the new moon sighting in Israel. See Here for more details on the Biblical Hebrew Calendar.)

Visit our Location Page to find out more about Enota Mountain Retreat & campground. We have accommodations for all!!! 

Enota is located at the highest private elevation in Georgia in a lush valley among the highest mountains in North Georgia! Among many things, there are four breathtaking waterfalls, five bubbling streams, two trout ponds and we are surrounded on all sides by the mountains of the Chattahoochee National Forest.

On site activities include:
Fishing, Volleyball, Waterfalls, Trout Ponds, Biking, Lots of Hiking, Organic Farm & Garden, Playground with Trampolines, outdoor kitchen and pavilion as well as an indoor meeting hall!

There is a huge indoor pavilion/sanctuary we will be using to meet in separate from a full commercial kitchen and dining room for group meals and fellowship! There is also plenty of room to meet out doors for picnics, Huge Campfires and the whole chabang!¬† ūüėČ ūüôā Get ready to leave the world behind and come worship our Creator together in spirit and in truth!

If any of y’all are wanting to come Celebrate with us, we are extending our invitation now, as we’d love to have you, your family and your friends come and be apart of our Sukkot Family this coming October 2018!

Registration is now open!
You can register at:

If you have any questions regarding anything, please call, or email and ask! We’d love to hear from you!

Email Morielle:

Or Call Enota Mountain Retreat & Campground:¬†706-896-9966¬†¬†and ask to speak with Morielle, Joy or Jessica and say that you’re calling about Sukkot 2018 Group!

Whether you are coming and celebrating with us in Georgia, or you are going over seas to Israel or some other place… Whether you are celebrating in your own congregation or joining some other fellowship, we want you to know that the whole Harris family sends blessings your way and prays you have a wonderful, Yah ordained Feast season as we all come together and worship the one and only true Creator of the Universe!¬† Maybe apart in distance and miles but always together in spirit and heart!

Blessings in this exciting season,
Brother Mark Harris and Family

“And we know that all things work together for the good, to those who love Him and to those who are called according to HIS purposes!” – Romans 8:28