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Dwelling together in UNITY – Watch the New Video Now!!!

Shalom Brothers and Sisters!

Is everyone getting excited about the upcoming Celebrations? I know my family and I certainly are! All of the Feast days of our Creator are something to look forward to, but I’m especially excited about Sukkot! Sukkot is THE ultimate time of the year for Rejoicing and for dwelling together with the body of our Messiah in Unity! So much so that I’ve put together a new video highlighting exactly that, entitled “How good and how pleasant!” This is my little gift to you to inspire and encourage my Family in Messiah for this coming Sukkot.

In light of “preparing a people for YHWH” (Luke 1:17), most of the videos on this site are addressed to the body of Messiah, to help them get ready for The Feast of Tabernacles no matter where they attend.

Well that’s all for now, and I hope you enjoy the video!
Shalom to you all!

Brother Mark Harris and Family!

Exciting Things About Sukkot 2015!

Wow! What an exciting time is approaching as we prepare for this upcoming Fall Feast Season, specifically Sukkot (The Feast of Tabernacles) 2015! Just think? Unending praise, worship and dancing! People Rejoicing and Jumping for Joy to YHWH our maker! Inspiring messages and Torah Readings! Exciting outdoor adventures such as hikes, Canoeing, repelling, swimming, obstacle/confidence course, Volleyball games, outdoor fun, campfires, smoore parties and many more things! Think of all the sweet fellowship and encouragement with true believers from all over and think of being able to relax among YHWH’s beautiful Creation!

What a wonderful time!!! How blessed we are to be a part of a special people with such an amazing gift as these commanded feast days!!! Truly this time is the highlight of any year, let alone this year! Wait till you see why.

With everything that is going on in this world right now, I think we are bound to have a Feast of Tabernacles full of adventures no matter where we are gathering or who we are gathering with. Today we wanted to take the time to get excited and inspired about the many wonderful things awaiting us this Feast Season!

1. Shimittah Year!

This year being the Shemittah, (the Sabbatical year, or year of rest for the land) makes it a very special year for believers around the world! In Deut 31:10 we find that The Almighty commands us to read through the books of the Law during the feast of Sukkot every Seventh year, at the Shimittah year! That means this fall celebration we will have the opportunity to Read through the Book of the Law! YHWH’s Torah! And this year we have really exciting way that we’ll be fulfilling this command! It’s always great to read through this section of Yah’s word, but even more so during this festival as we all gather together to rejoice before Him! Truly the experience of being washed with the word, and plenty of campfire insights from Elders and Brothers in the Faith, will be an indescribable yet invaluable asset to this year’s Sukkot Celebration!!!

2. The Kingdom Is At Hand!

Yes, this has been stated for thousands of years beginning with Our Savior Himself commanding His disciples to teach this to every nation, language, people and tongue! But as each and every year goes by we are drawing closer and closer to the Return of our King to set up His kingdom!
The question is: “Will we as Yah’s chosen people be ready? Will He find faith on the earth? Will he find Faith in us?”

This is a most important question and a most important time to search our own hearts and prepare for this event that we have been waiting for.
Our Savior described these times in the parable of the Fig tree, and how we can tell the time of summer by it’s leaves. As the events of the world continue on we can tell by these signs that the Kingdom of heaven is coming SOON! As believers we can take this time of rejoicing at Sukkot to reflect upon the things to come, and challenge our hearts to be a people prepared for YHWH! Ready for that special day of His return by living The Kingdom Now, for… The Kingdom Is At Hand!

3. A Command to Rejoice!

I’d have to admit it’s kind of hard Not to rejoice when we have been saving up a portion of our increase just for this special time every year!
We are commanded to spend it on whatever our heart desires!!! What do you desire? Everyone has their own special things that make them happy, and while the rest of the year we are Joyful regardless of what happens to us, even through trials as James advises us, Yah gave us this special time to truly be Happy and rejoice! Enjoying the good things that YHWH our maker provides for us and spending this portion on whatever your heart desires!!! What an awesome gift from our Creator! There are so many more reasons why this year is a special, exciting Sukkot year as we’ll all see, but each and every one of us has our own unique reason personalized for us!!!

4. A Special Place In Big Sandy!

For those of you who will be joining in the Celebration in Big Sandy, Texas… at the Alert Academy Campus , you have even more fun opportunities awaiting you! Firstly, this place was originally built specifically for this purpose, to keep the Feast of Tabernacles!!! Back in the 50’s it became THE largest Sukkot gathering worldwide, though it was later surpassed by the Holy Land of Israel shortly after (HalleluYah!). But for those here in the US, this place has been blessed to be used for this specific purpose! This year, 2015… His People Return!

5. Divine Opening!

Next, just opening this location for keeping Sukkot was a divine intervention! As we were fasting and praying over where YHWH would place His
name this year, we were struck with this idea of trying to celebrate at the campus now known as Alert Academy. We immediately contacted their
staff to try and work out the reservations. Mind you, the campus at Big Sandy (Alert Academy) is now run by people who do not uphold the Feast days. Originally some of the greatest gatherings ever recorded were held there at that campus, but later when many from that group stopped upholding the Sabbath and Feast days, they lost the Campus! Then, it was bought by a Christian group who now teach Search and Rescue in a
conservative Christian manner under the name Alert Academy. So we shared with them our vision of keeping Sukkot on their grounds, and they told
us they would get back to us within a few days. A whole week goes by with several attempts to recontact them with no success. Exactly one week
later as we were again praying and fasting, on the same day & time, we received a call from Alert Academy with an emphatic “YES!” They were
extremely excited about this endeavor and told us that they would love to have us celebrate The Feast of Tabernacles, there on the Campus! Once again, the place that was designed for this very activity will be restored to its true purpose! What an amazing miracle that it is also happening this year, the Shimittah year!

There is a tabernacle of meeting able to hold thousands, or a smaller building which can hold about 300 (which building we will use will depend
on how many people decide to attend the Feast at Big Sandy). Can you even imagine so many brothers and sisters rejoicing together in one place
lifting up their voices in unison to our Father an King? There is also a campground sectioned off into “streets” which is able to hold Hundreds of sukkahs, dorms available for those not wanting to camp, as well as nearby hotels for those who may need them.
More details will be coming soon!

Lastly, being a place that was designed for crowds of believers to rejoice together, there are boatloads of activities available on the Campus,
Including: A Play ground with Large Swings, An Outrageous Obstacle Course, Repelling, Rock Wall Climbing, Canoeing, Swimming, Volley Ball and
Basket Ball Courts, Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Horseshoes and many more exciting activities that will keep the young and old wanting to come back
every year!

And best of all, we have our hearts and minds united together as one people being prepared for YHWH and we have all these fine pleasures to accompany us to help us truly rejoice and get excited about YHWH’s holy Feast Days! To Yah be the glory!

Praise be to His name as people all over the world prepare in their own countries, languages, fields and villages to go up to keep the Feast Of Tabernacles! (Zechariah 14)

We look forward to the day, when the whole world will be celebrating with us!

If you are interested in joining us, and have not yet registered, then go to our website and Register now!

We hope you are just as excited as we are!

Many blessings to all of your homes,
Brother Mark Harris and Family

* NOTE:  We really appreciate the Alert Academy, and their people!  If fact, you may want to consider joining some of their programs as they have been very helpful to many people in the training, and encouraging of youth across the world!  Even though we do not fully agree with or adhere to the entire Theological view of the group at the Alert Academy, we do uphold a lot of the same standards, and are in support of many of the ways they do things on their campus.   We appreciate and support the Alert Academy for the work they do to glorify our Father, and to prepare and equip people to be strong in conduct & character.

Announcing: Sukkot 2015 – Feast Site in Big Sandy Texas!

We are excited to announce our site for The Feast of Tabernacles 2015!   This year we will be hosting Sukkot in Big Sandy, Texas!

Years ago this campus was built to host and house thousands of people to celebrate The Feast of Tabernacles!

So after many years, we are resurrecting the original intent of the campus to Celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles as families united together for YHWH!

At this Wonderful facility, now known as International Alert Academy, you’ll discover many exciting things to do and find not only a restful & relaxing feast, but also an unforgettable experience of enjoyment, inspiration and togetherness as we rejoice before YHWH our Maker! Come enjoy a spirit filled Sukkot Celebration with us in UNITY with our Messiah!

We welcome you to come and join our family along with many of our close friends and brethren! Among the many scheduled activities there will be awesome praise, worship and dance, inspiring messages, Torah studies, exciting hikes, wonderful family feast games such as repelling, swimming, zip line, obstacle course (provided by Alert), sweet fellowship and encouragement along with beautiful enjoyment in YAH’s Creation!

Whether your family members are well-seasoned campers or prefer the comforts of the campus housing, there’s a spot just for you! We welcome you, not only as our special guests, but also, and more precisely, as family.

For more details about The Feast of Tabernacles 2015 Visit the Location Page
Register to join by visiting the Register Page and fill in the form!

Many blessings as we prepare for this amazing year and discover the many things that YHWH has in store for us!

Brother Mark Harris

Sukkot 2014 Recap!

Shalom y’all!

Sukkot at Garner State Park 2014 was an amazing heart changing experience. What a wonderful time of worship and activities to build our faith and draw us closer to YHWH our Maker and to each other as families.

The daily messages were an encouragement to all to stand up and be strong families, preparing for the Kingdom! Many small groups gathered around to have Torah and scripture studies together and to discuss subjects from the word!

Youth, men and women had the opportunity to gather together in break-out sessions after the message to discuss real issues that pertain to them in like-minded fellowship!

Men’s Morning Prayer time started the day with a strong accountability to fathers as the spiritual leaders of  their families and elders of the group!

In the evenings, we were blessed to have many brothers and sisters share messages, teachings, and testimonies in order to uplift the brethren in Truth and also to help equip them with more knowledge for living healthy and spiritual lives!

Activities that were based on families and individuals working together, brought the hearts of the people together like One Big Family. Hikes and Peaks brought you up to high places that Young and old were able to experience the beauty of YHWH’s creation. Daily activities included a treasure hunt, blind fold challenge, obstacle course, volley ball, basket ball, ultimate frisbee and much more! After the hot sweaty activities during the day, there was the cool Frio River to take a splash in. It felt so good and refreshing as well as created much fun for the youth, due to the giant tree rope that swung out over the water! We also had a great contest of jumpers jumping from a 30 ft. tree into the water. That was a hit.

People were encouraged to practice hospitality and invite other familes to join meals with them so that everyone got to know each other! While at  designated times, there was group meals that brought everyone together to feast! The variety of tasty and enticing dishes on the group dinner tables were enormous. Everything tasted so good you had to trust your choice!

At night the all gathered around campfires to enjoy a time of fellowship and rejoicing! Marshmallows, smores’s, glow stick parties along with music and dancing filled the camp in an atmosphere of true rejoicing. There was no room to be sad. Praise Yah for blessing us with that set-apart time of yearly worship! Thank you all for coming to experience the joy and fill yourself with the love of Messiah. His Feasts are a true BLESSING!!!

I want to send a big shout-out and say Thank you to all those who contributed their help, money and equipment to make Sukkot run smoothly.
Thank you to the generous family who sponsored the famous “Bar Mitzvah” which supplied drinks and meals such as lemonade, burgers and ribbon fries the whole duration of Sukkot! We appreciate all the volunteers that helped in the kitchen as well!

Thank you to Everyone who contributed to make Sukkot at Garner State Park happen, as we were able to help may people come and join us who might have not been able otherwise!!!!

Thank you to the Worship teams and all those that got up real early to bring praises to YHWH in the Tabernacle. May we come again together next Year in the spirit of Holiness to rejoice before YHWH at the Feast Of Tabernacles as Families UNITED for Our Messiah.

Next Year In Jerusalem!
The Sukkot Family! =]

See Pictures from Last Year HERE!

Announcing: Sukkot 2014 Gathering in South Texas!

Shalom y’all!  We are happy to announce that we are going to be holding our Sukkot Gathering at Garner State Park this year, October 2014!


Garner State Park is located on the north west side of San Antonio, and is a beautiful place to camp, hike, swim, and spend time in YHWH’s Creation.

Looking for a place to observe YHWHs feast days? Would you like to observe The Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot October 2014, with The Harris Family, and a some of our close friends & brethren?

Well, we welcome you to come and join us! Among the many scheduled activities there will be awesome praise and worship, inspiring messages, exciting hikes, wonderful family games, sweet fellowship, encouraging enlightenment along with beautiful enjoyment in YAH’s Creation!

We are planning for everyone to arrive on Wednesday October 8th through Sunday October 19th. So plan on those dates for a fully packed 10 days of enjoyment with YHWH at His appointed times! So if you’d like to gather together with us, to Rejoice before YHWH our Maker, please register sooner as opposed to later as the feast days are rapidly approaching and we are trying to get a feel for how many people will be attending.


To register visit: Please note that Camping Slots are filling up fast, so please be sure to reserve your spot in the campground ASAP.

Visit  for more details!

We Look forward to speaking with you, reuniting and even meeting more of you!

Wherever you may go to keep these times, May you all be blessed in this Season!

Brother Mark Harris