Let us Rejoice before our Creator (Lev. 23:40, Deut 16:14)
and Learn To Fear Him Always! (Deut 31:12)

These are some of the activities that are being prepared for this year’s Sukkot. Our goal is to make The Feast of Tabernacles a very enjoyable and profitable experience, to give nourishment that comes from Feasting on His Word,  getting you prepared as a people for YHWH (Luke 1:17), ready for His Kingdom and ready to do the work He has for us in these end times! We encourage you to participate in as much as is possible for your family. Remember, this is just a taste of what is coming!


5:00 PM Group Dinner
6:30 PM Praise & Worship
7:00 PM Rejoicing! at Tabernacle of Meeting


Typical Daily Schedule:  (This is a general idea of each day)

6:00AM Men’s Mastermind (Preparing a people for YHWH!)
10:00 Worship Service: Music followed by Message By Brother Harris
1:00 PM Lunch Hour
3:30PM Afternoon Activity
5:30 Group Shared Pot-Blessing Meal
7:00 Evening Study of His Word
8:00 Children’s Story
10:00 PM Quiet Hours

Men’s Mastermind (Prayer Meeting)

Fathers are responsible for their families both physically and spiritually (Exodus 16:16). This is a time of prayer and encouragement for Men (married or unmarried, and young men 13 or older with their Fathers) to share in this most important skill, to be nurtured in their role as men, and to bring Scripture alive for their manhood. This precious time with other men is a daily meeting you don’t want to miss! Come prepared to be nurtured, encouraged and challenged, ready to grow to be all you can be for His glory!

Note: The reason why women are not meeting at the same time as the men, is so that there is someone at home to take care of the family and because men need to be encouraged man to man. Women will gather at another time for their encouragement to grow in their role as women, wives, and mothers, and daughters; a time when the men can be available for their families.

Family Power Hour

“And he shall turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” Malachi 4:6

NOTE: You do not necessarily have to do this, but we do encourage and support a morning family Power Hour. Our family does this every morning on regular days, and have found it to be both powerful, and essential for our family. During Sukkot, do your best to take your family and Spend it together alone, at least for an hour a day!

One important way for fathers to have their hearts toward their children is to spend time with them first thing in the morning, sharing with their family the things that are on his heart. It is a perfect time for families to pray together and start their day on the Kingdom Path as a unified unit, a family strong for YHWH. This precious time at the feast is a time to create new habits in this area, and watch how this one simple thing can transform your family in building a foundation that cannot be moved.

This time can also be used to work together as a family where everyone has their part to play in the family team, preparations for lunch and dinner can be made, and preparations for the day can be made as well. That way the entire family can be ready to go all at one time to fellowship and participate in the day. This will prove to be a huge blessing to your family and to others. You could possibly be done early enough to bless others by helping those who may need extra hands such as those with small children!

For those who do not have family with them at Sukkot, you are welcome to join in with other families, and/or you are always welcome to join our family!  

Worship Service

Enter into His presence with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise! Psalm 100

Musicians… Singers… Dancers… It’s time to Make a Joyful noise to YHWH! This is a time of expressing our individual relationship with our Creator through singing, dancing, raising our hands in the air, and being involved as much as we can!

Brother Mark’s interactive messages are usually about 2 hours long, and he teaches on a variety of topics such as The Kingdom is at Hand, Heart Turners, Tabernacles, Be Ready!, ….

We encourage all families to sit together as a family unit.  This is not the time for social engagement. This is a time to worship the Father without the distractions of our most loving friends around us! Though we are all there together worshiping together, it is not time for interacting with our neighbor. There will be coloring books and crayons for the little ones to help provide something to keep them occupied while they sit and listen!

Planned Group Activity

Some days we will have a scheduled group activity! 🙂 All are welcome to join in the FUN! We encourage you to do these activities as much as possible as a family with other families. The bonding that takes place, the memories created will go a long way in strengthening your family relationships (Mal 4:6, Deut. 6)! There’s only one requirement for this time… YOU MUST REJOICE! 🙂

Some activities include:

  • Fishing and canoeing in the two small lakes on the property.
  • Several Orchestrated activities such as “Blind Faith” and “Here a little there a little treasure hunt”…
  • Jerusalem Museum on wheels!
  • Volleyball, Horseshoes, Basketball,and Hiking.
  • Other activities also planned

Ladies Talk (For Ladies, young married adults and up)

We’ll discuss how we can better support our husbands, love our children and what we can do to make our families strong for Yah’s glory!

Children’s Talk (boys and girls, ages 8 – young adults who are unmarried)

We’ll talk about how to honor our parents, get along better with our siblings and what we can do to make our families great, all for Yah’s glory!

Children’s Crafts: (for children of any age interested, but geared toward 6-10)
There will be several children’s crafts revolving around the theme of Sukkot and the coming Kingdom of Yah! Headed up by Jessica and Joy Harris!

Meal Times

You are welcome to be on your own for breakfast and lunch or come and eat together at the general eating area near the general outdoor group kitchen. You are always welcome to prepare food for your family at that kitchen.

Evening Meal

Let’s get together and share Dinner Hour, pot-blessing style,  together as a big family! It’s a time of sweet fellowship and an opportunity to serve the family. Everyone bring your kosher dinner dish to share and add it to the table! We’ll need volunteers to help with setup and cleanup so you can sign up for your service opportunity at the Welcome table upon arrival. If everyone serves, the job is light for everyone! Thank you in advance for your consideration in blessing the family with your time!

Evening Meeting Sessions & Midrash

Most evenings we’ll gather at the Tabernacle of Meeting for a bit of praise, Interactive talks and discussing The Word, more Spiritual Feasting, and other fun stuff!!!!

Children’s Story Hour.
Gather around for a story before bed! We want to have some good sit-down time for the little children to help get them settled and ready for bed. We know that the mom’s will want to try to get the little ones in bed early so they can have some time to fellowship so we’re here to help with that, make it enjoyable and profitable! Young ladies who are Moms-in-training would love to be a part of this!

Free Fellowship Time around the Campfire.

In the evenings, there will be plenty of time for fellowship around the campfire….bring your instruments and do a little jamming and sing along, bring out your s’mores or other treats and lets fellowship together!

Last Great Day!

Let’s celebrate Yah’s appointed time! We’ll have a message about what the day means and the famous  Here a Little- There a little activity. It’s based on Isaiah 28:9-10. We once recorded over 50 biblical lessons to be learned from this one activity!

10:00pm – 6:00am – Quiet Hours
We ask that you respect Quiet hours and be quiet after 10:00 pm. All activities will end at 9:45pm so we can clean up for 15 minutes (remember many hands makes the job lite!).

We are children of the light, not of the darkness! (Ephesians 5:8). We know how enjoyable it is to stay up late and chat around campfires! But, we encourage everyone to go to bed and get a good night’s sleep so they will be able to pay full attention to the next day’s activities. (For example, Men, you aren’t going to want to miss even one day of the men’s Mastermind, it’s That good! ) Once you get overly tired, it opens up avenues for the wicked one to come in when you have no energy left to resist. Our bodies are His temple (1 Cor. 6:19) so we must take care of them, not allow ourselves to become weak, but rather be strong (mentally and physically), ready always to do His will.

Remember also that campsites are close together, so talking late at night could possibly disturb others who are trying to get a good night’s sleep so they won’t miss a thing the next day!

We are Family!

The Father & THe Son are a Family! We are a part of His Family! He loves family. During creation week, He created man in His image and said it is not good that man be alone so He gave man a wife. He said man shall be fruitful and multiply therefore creating the first family!!

We understand that all families are different and no matter what your family looks like, you are part of our Family in Messiah. The basis of everything our Creator is and teaches is in light of family, both our own families and being part of His family. We want to encourage everyone who comes to celebrate Sukkot with us to be part of our Family. The entire message of our Creator is based around family, so whether you are not married, married but divorced, young, or young at heart, the words of YHWH apply to you. All of our time together is focused on growing to become like Him in whatever circumstances you are in. So come be encouraged in the Family of Messiah!